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  Success at Public Utility Company

  Project Overview

  • The largest utility company in North America needed to replace its Service Desk, and it needed to do so within a six-month implementation period. The existing Service Desk – with 50+ agents generating 1000+ records every day – was several years out of date and no longer supported by the vendor.
  • After an exhaustive selection process, a product suite was purchased. The utility company and vendor now faced a new challenge. Was it possible to implement a Service Desk in just six months?

  ShazTEK Approach

  • Such an implementation at a customer site of this size and complexity typically requires 12 months from planning to production go-live. The vendor had never completed such a large project in only six months and turned to ShazTEK for its expertise in implementing large ITSM projects.
  • Using its multi-disciplined approach, and award-winning tools, ShazTEK delivered the project on time and on budget.
  • While most vendors prefer a more traditional, waterfall-model process, ShazTEK attacked the project with an agile, iterative strategy that allowed products to be installed more quickly and with greater success and less risk. In addition to solid technical skills needed for the project, ShazTEK’s Solutions Consultants brought the business skills – from the end-user to senior IT leadership – needed for a successful delivery.
  • ShazTEK garnered such a high level of satisfaction from the customer that it was consulted to further implement the Change, Asset, and Configuration Management systems in subsequent years.

  Project Success

  • ShazTEK successfully integrated newer and more secure infrastructure within the client’s digital ecosystem.
  • ShazTEK also narrowed down the problem to later install and configure the new application suite.
  • ShazTEK managed to transfer all relevant client data and customizations to the new system.
  • ShazTEK removed all instances of the outdated infrastructure from the client’s system.

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